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The Best Outsourcing Company for Legal Work in Disability Law – Contact Our Legal Outsource Specialists Today!

Whatever your legal processing needs, Case Ghost® legal process outsourcing can meet them, and more – companies outsourcing to Case Ghost® will find productivity and profits increasing thanks to our flexible, custom-fit integration. Whether you are looking for Social Security and veterans disability claims leads, integration training, or a total deep process evaluation, Case Ghost® is the LPO that does it all, and does it right.

Proof of Case Ghost® Productivity

Case Ghost® has a proven track record of success, increasing lead intake by 35%, decreasing claim times by 53% and boosting profits by 80%. If your law firm could stand to see gains in productivity and profitability, you owe it to yourself to call today.

What you and your firm do with the extra income from outsourcing legal services is up to you – whether you undertake a massive expansion and increase your market share and offerings, or use the extra security to improve salaries and quality of life, that’s your decision to make after you’ve called Case Ghost®.

Legal Outsourcing Specialist at Your Finger Tips

CEO Ken LaVan brings over 10 years of experience to the legal outsourcing and consulting field. His own firm, LaVan and Neidenberg, saw explosive growth with their streamlined and efficient system. If you’d like to see similar figures, Mr. LaVan will work with you to determine your company’s stand-out legal issues, and he will show you how to optimize your resources to avoid unnecessary expansion and untenable growth. When it’s time for your company to grow, you’ll do so with a solid profit foundation and the assurance that you’re making the best possible use of your materials, facilities and manpower.

The legal world is going through significant changes – while outsourcing back-office processes like data entry and facilities management have been commonplace for decades, smart law firms are expanding their offerings by outsourcing legal processes to LPOs. Case Ghost® is the best LPO for Social Security and veterans disability claims – our success proves it, and we can put our process to work for you to get serious results: increased intake, decreased claim servicing time, and drastically increased profits.

When you choose Case Ghost®  for your legal processing needs, or our expert consulting services, our proven process will save you time, energy, and money. You’ll right-size your staff, get the most out of your existing facilities and improve your bottom line. The first step to gaining this sharp competitive edge is Contacting Us.


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