Case Ghost® Reduces the Need to Hire Extra Law Firm Staff

Ask any large law firm and they’ll tell you, the lead intake team is one of the most costly and difficult to manage. You need a full team of lead intake professionals, trained in your system of screening and processing leads. Then you need managers to handle all of that training and to monitor the team. Add in the overhead that is a call center space, and suddenly you’re spending millions of dollars every year on a single-purpose department.

Case Ghost® clients have been able to eliminate these burdens on their bottom line with our legal case screening systems. Your law firm can enjoy the benefits of custom case selection criteria tailored to your preferences, but can avoid hiring more staff and can re-assign existing staff as your case volume rises.

Reduce In-House Staff by Outsourcing Your Legal Case Screening to Case Ghost®

The cost to search for, interview, hire, train, and keep a member of your lead intake team can quickly reach the $100,000 mark within a matter of two to three years. When your law firm is growing, you may need to hire five, even ten new intake team members at once, creating a huge dent in your bottom line. Most law firms requiring intake call centers don’t see returns from their cases for months, even years, and that’s where so many firms fail to grow – they can’t afford the in-house staff needed to screen those new cases and get them on the path to settlement.

The law firm that sees it’s getting more leads than it can handle in-house has two options: start the costly and tedious hiring cycle, or sign up for Case Ghost’s® trusted legal case screening services.

Case Ghost® Clients Save Hundreds on Processing Costs for the Average Case

Getting started with Case Ghost® takes a fraction of the time it takes to add more staff to your lead intake team or form a new department. And once we’re handling your case screening for you, all it takes is a short phone call or an email to make changes to your screening criteria.

If you want to reduce your overhead, better utilize your existing staff, and avoid the tedious hiring process, it’s time to give Case Ghost® a call at 888-521-3886. Our team can provide a competitive analysis of your current lead intake system and show you just how much time and money you could save by outsourcing it to our dedicated team of intake professionals.

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