Custom Lead Screening Solutions for Law Firms

No two law firms operate with the same goals and ideals in mind – so why should you use a one-size-fits-all legal case screening service? Case Ghost® is unique because we take the time to listen to our clients and customize a lead screening process specifically tailored to their needs.

Sure, any legal case screening company will consider your ideal client needs, but will they really listen to your full desires? Case Ghost’s® time-tested lead intake, screening, and processing systems can be customized to the smallest detail, ensuring a consistent and efficient screening process every time.

Lead Screening is More Than Just Knowing Which Cases You Accept

Your basic lead screening service will evaluate a lead before approving or denying the case, and then pass it to you. Case Ghost® takes legal case screening to the next level by allowing our clients to customize their case selection criteria and select exactly what information they want us to send them to ensure consistent case files every time.

Another part of the Case Ghost® advantage is that we reduce the number of people making decisions on your case. Rather than passing through multiple hands, each with their own way of making claim decisions, our custom screening application holds each claim to the same standards that you define, making sure we make the right decisions according to your specific instructions

Case Ghost® is Ready to Develop Your Custom Lead Screening Plan

One of the lesser-known benefits of our lead screening services is the opportunity to reflect on your target clientele and desired case types as you set up your screening plan. We help attorneys reflect on their current lead processing systems and refine them to produce only the best case results.

This results in lower costs necessary to convert leads into the next ideal cases to cross your desk. So if lowering your expenses on intake staff and increasing the consistency and validity of your incoming cases sound like benefits you’re ready to enjoy, call Case Ghost® now at 888-521-3886.

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