Legal Services Outsourcing

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Case Ghost® is a Florida-based Legal services outsourcing company serving all of the United States, offering outsourced legal services including lead screening, lead management, case development, business consulting and software solutions.  Case Ghost® will work with you to maximize your profitability and efficiency, and offers a wide range of LPO services.

Front-office outsourcing is becoming increasingly common in the legal community – a recent study conducted by Price Waterhouse Cooper and Duke University shows that this trend will become more common over the coming years.

This means that in order to stay competitive, legal process outsourcing is a must.  Outsourcing saves your firm time, money, and manpower.  The experts at Case Ghost® are industry veterans, and are keenly aware of the finer points of their fields.  Furthermore, a Case Ghost LPO consultant can be brought on for variable terms at much lower cost – and with much greater flexibility – than hiring new staff.  Case Ghost’s® legal process services are focused and task-specific:  you pay for what you need, and you get the results you want.

Lead Management and Intake Software

When you need the most efficient Lead Management & Intake Screening Software, Case Ghost® has the  software solution you are looking for. Our software reduces intake time, application time, creates organization and continuity throughout the intake and lead screening process.

Lead Management and Front-Office Services

When you’re looking for leads, Case Ghost® has you covered.  We generate and evaluate leads so that you don’t waste your time with unqualified or unprepared respondents.  While it’s true that Case Ghost® can handle all of your lead qualification needs, our lead referral service can also be added to profitability and expansion consulting to maximize your gains.

Case Ghost® can expertly manage your client retention and case development concerns, including Disability Determination Services (DDS) documentation, requests for reconsideration, hearings, and medical record development. This will free you and your staff to handle communication, management, and customer satisfaction while we take care of the hard-to-handle aspects of SSD, SSI and VA disability compensation claims.

Profitability and Expansion Consulting

With over 10 years of industry experience, Ken LaVan, CEO of Case Ghost®, can look over and optimize every aspect of your legal practice.  His proven system can radically improve your profitability – he can significantly increase your lead intake and slash the regular processing time, and he can make sure that your staff and facilities are optimally configured both for the task at hand, and for the long-term.

All Case Ghost® legal process services are customized to your operation, from simple lead generation to deep process evaluation and all points in between. Outsourcing your legal processing to Case Ghost® will help you not just to compete, but to win, and win big.

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