Lead Management Solutions for Law Firms

Is your law firm’s call volume growing faster than your staff can handle?

Do your leads pass through so many staff members that no two cases ever receive the same intake process?

Are you so overwhelmed you’re afraid you might have to increase your staff and costs?

Or do you simply want to outsource lead management to a proven expert?

You need a steady stream of leads to keep your law firm in business, but without a way to screen and manage those leads, you’ll never convert them into clients. Case Ghost® helps law firms large and small screen and manage leads, all while providing consistency in case development. Learn more or get started by calling us at 888-521-3886.

What is lead management?

lead mangement solutions and automation

Our patent-pending lead screening process delivers a uniform experience for each incoming lead. No longer will multiple employees have to evaluate a single case – with Case Ghost® you get uniform processing of each lead, tailored to your specific case criteria.

The staff responsible for lead intake at a law firm is often the most highly staffed and difficult to manage. Law firms that use Case Ghost® for their lead management find that they can eliminate the need to hire more staff when more leads come in, and reassign existing staff to more beneficial roles.

How Case Ghost®’s Lead Management Service Works

Because a huge part of lead management is client acquisition and interaction, Case Ghost® will quickly follow up with any leads that your firm gets, helping you increase your firm’s contact rate – that is, the rate at which your firm responds to interested parties who contact you – which ultimately leads to more clients.

We’ll also address any objections from the potential client and handle any intake procedures necessary to secure the client. Our supervisors review any borderline claims and may override a denied or accepted intake.

We’ll then send you the completed retainer documents so you can mail the documents to the claimant. Then we’ll call the claimant to walk him or her through filling them out and taking any action that’s necessary.

We’ll then file applications for you online, file other online forms, and finalize any paper forms. We’ll even send the claimant’s documentation to the Social Security Administration! Bottom line: we help you convert leads into clients who increase your firm’s profits.

Start implementing a lead management solution that helps you turn potential clients into real clients. Call Case Ghost® now at 888-521-3886.

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