Read what some of our clients are saying about Case Ghost®.


if you want to start from ground up, don’t do it the way I started as it cost me a lot of money. I would encourage you to contact Ken LaVan with Case Ghost®. I started using them and they revolutionized my practice. They were a godsend for me. Ken has this consulting practice as well as a very, very large SSD and VA practice in FL and GA. He is a great mentor and a great friend.– Greg Jones


For the third consecutive month, our firm is breaking records for a number of retained disability clients! We couldn’t have achieved this without Case Ghost® and we couldn’t be happier about our decision to outsource to your company. Your staff is extremely skilled at qualifying leads and processing disability claims. Additionally, they are always professional and helpful. Thank you! — Darryl Isaacs


Our conversion rates increased dramatically and without any decrease in quality.–Scott Monge 


Caseghost® will revolutionize both the way you obtain prospects and the efficiency with which you process them.– Matt Hill

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