Case Ghost® – The Best Solution for Legal Case Screening

Ken LaVan, co-founder of the Florida-based disability law firm LaVan and Neidenberg®, founded the legal case screening company, Case Ghost®, using the principles, concepts, and technologies he applied to his own firm – ideas which increased intake and profits substantially while decreasing claim submission and processing time by over 50%.

While Social Security and veterans disability claims at his own office, Mr. LaVan discovered that the existing claims management processes were inefficient and were not cost-effective. Additionally, if business is good and the firm expands, it faces hiring additional personnel, buying or leasing new equipment, and moving operations into a bigger space to accommodate these changes. All of this expansion cuts deeply into any profits from the higher volume of cases.

So LaVan and his team analyzed every step of the claims management and filing process, uncovering inefficiencies and streamlining roles so that not only was expansion unnecessary, but LaVan found his firm could do more than before with its existing resources. In this same spirit of economy, LaVan developed a new custom screening application that improved efficiency while at the same time creating a uniform decision-making process for all of his claims. The result was consistent claims that reduced the number of individuals making decisions on a single file.

This legal case screening service is just one facet of Case Ghost®. LaVan also offers a complete consultation package that not only involves customized setup of your case selection criteria and intake processes, but a complete top-to-bottom evaluation of business practices. For over 12 years, Ken LaVan has handled Social Security and veterans disability claims. His know-how and wisdom in this field are invaluable commodities to any law firm looking to take up this field of practice.

When you consult with Case Ghost®, you can expect to approach the same extraordinary results that Ken LaVan brought to LaVan and Neidenberg® – increased intake and quality pre-screening of leads, real-time communication, and a thorough investigation of business practices. Mr. LaVan will consider your goals and existing capabilities, and help you along all stages of Social Security and veterans disability claim integration and expansion, from staff streamlining to business planning, all the way down to creating the perfect office culture.

Case Ghost® is different than other case screening services. In an era of increased outsourcing of front-office services, you can rest assured that when you are working with Case Ghost®, you are working with experienced and professional experts who do what it takes to improve your case screening consistency while improving your bottom line.

Call Case Ghost® today, and see the difference tomorrow.

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