Case Ghost® Now Offering EZ Claim Subscription Service


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Case Ghost® Now Offering EZ Claim Subscription Service

Fully Integrated Database Solution Now Available to Disability Law Firms Worldwide

January 20, 2015 – Plantation, Fla. – Case Ghost®, the legal industry’s leading provider of lead intake, lead management and business consulting for law firms, today expanded its lineup of services to include EZ Claim (patent pending) software subscription.

The same proprietary software that was previously exclusive to Case Ghost® customers will launch in February 2015 as a standalone subscription service to disability attorneys who already have a lead processing system such as Prevail, Needles, Gator and other legal software programs.

Features Found Only in EZ Claim

EZ Claim is a revolutionary intake system that streamlines the intake process by allowing law firms to set predetermined rules regarding case approval. The system works with Social Security, disability, and personal injury or workers’ compensation claims, using easy-to-follow prompts that sort claims through the appropriate acceptance criteria.

Training for the system is minimal and requires no additional staff members to operate. EZ Claim is available for use immediately upon subscribing, and eTraining modules are available for reference at any time. Case Ghost® will offer one-on-one support for specialized individual training as needed.

The Benefits of EZ Claim Instead of Traditional Lead Intake

EZ Claim takes human error and empathy out of the claim decision process. With the predetermined acceptance criteria, a lead will be processed with the same requirements, no matter who performs the intake process. This eliminates the emotional influence that can occur in standard human intake systems, leading to less biased decisions and more viable cases making it from lead to claim.

Tracking your law firm’s success has never been easier with EZ Claim’s integrated statistics. See how many leads are accepted or denied versus the total intake, how many retainers are sent out and their return rate, and how many cases ultimately are filed.

Robust, Proven Lead Intake Management and Screening Customization

EZ Claim is simple to use and fully customizable to suit any disability or injury law firm’s needs. Ken LaVan, who developed the concept of EZ Claim and helped bring it into existence with help from Global Business Services, has trusted the lead intake process of his own law firm to EZ Claim since its initial launch. From its first functional version, EZ Claim helped reduce errors in handling cases while streamlining workflow.

“After developing and implementing EZ Claim into our lead intake process, our caseload dramatically increased without sacrificing our clients’ needs,” LaVan said. “In fact, my client representatives have more time to devote to assisting our clients, thanks to the time saved on lead intake and processing since we began using EZ Claim.”

Subscriptions are available now and are slated to begin in February 2015. Plans will be customized to each individual attorney or law firm’s needs to ensure they get the best value for the lead intake solutions they need.

About Case Ghost® Legal Process Outsourcing

Case Ghost® LPO streamlines the processes that take client information from lead to case without requiring disability law firms to hire extra personnel. Originally developed by South Florida disability attorney Ken LaVan for his Social Security and veteran’s disability law firm, LaVan & Neidenberg®, Case Ghost® is now available to disability law firms nationwide.

To learn more about Case Ghost® or the EZ Claim subscription service, visit their website at

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