Legal Process Outsourcing & LPO Consultants

Legal Outsourcing Services for Social Security & Veterans Disability Law Firms

Case Ghost® provides Legal Process Outsourcing (or LPO) along with top-tier consultation and legal outsourcing services for Disability and Personal Injury law firms. Our services can lead to explosive growth for you and your firm – growth that can lead to game-changing profits. Why do companies outsource? Companies that outsource their legal processing to an LPO enjoy greater profits and less overhead. Our innovative technologies and made-to-order consultation plans will help you to manage your growth, maximize your efficiency, and increase your profits – that’s the Case Ghost® advantage.

Case Ghost’s® LPO and consultation services can improve successful claims filing significantly, increasing lead intake by 35%, decreasing turn-around times by 53%, and increasing firm profits by 80%. What would you do with an 80% increase in profits?  That’s money that could be used to expand your operation and increase your market share, or simply to stabilize your revenue stream, freeing you to do the things you’ve always wanted to do:  spend more time with your family, travel the world, or pick up that new vacation home you’ve had your eye on. That additional income represents tremendous freedom – how you enjoy that freedom is up to you.

The market for Social Security and veterans disability legislation is growing – more and more people are eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) than ever before, and veterans are returning home to claim their benefits in record numbers. Their claims are legitimate, but they are too often denied because claimants do not understand the complex rules that must be obeyed when filing. The right law firm, with the right LPO, can help these people to get what is rightfully theirs, and increase its bottom line while doing so.

For decades, law firms have been outsourcing their “back office” processes, like data entry and Information Technology, to outside organizations. It’s time to discover what outsourcing “front office” processes can do for your firm. You have built your reputation based on what you can already do, and by outsourcing your law firm’s disability process through Case Ghost®, or by inviting Case Ghost® to streamline your operation, you will expand that reputation and increase your bottom line.

Case Ghost® has a proven track record of increasing intake and helping firms ramp-up to providing new offerings. We handle SSD, SSI and veterans disability claim work at a tremendous savings to you: with Case Ghost®, there’s no need to train your own staff, or to divert them away from their specialized roles – staff reduction may even be possible, even as leads increase. Case Ghost® offers full legal process outsourcing, from lead generation all the way through to deep process evaluation.

Case Ghost® works closely with you to evaluate your needs and provide a legal outsourcing solution that is customized to your business. We deliver high-quality leads culled specifically with your firm in mind. Case Ghost® analyzes your current set-up and provides action items that guarantee you get maximum returns while spending the minimum. With Case Ghost®, we take the reigns to transform your company into a well-oiled machine that runs as efficiently as possible. The only decision you need to handle is making that first call to Case Ghost® — let us handle the rest for you. 

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