Improve Your Law Firm’s Case Volume with Legal Case Screening Services from Case Ghost®

You could be saving your law firm thousands of dollars with four simple words:

Outsource your case screening.

Case Ghost® is the smart lawyer’s solution to improving the consistency of your lead intake without adding to your overhead.  Our innovative technologies and made-to-order screening plans will help you to manage your growth, maximize your efficiency, and increase your profits – that’s the Case Ghost® advantage.

We’ve invested millions of dollars developing custom technology including a proprietary screening application that allows us to maximize efficiency and consistency while minimizing cost and errors. Instead of hiring, training, and managing a team to screen cases, you can benefit from the time-tested and proven systems that disability attorney Ken LaVan developed to power his law firm.

With his streamlined screening systems, Ken’s firm has cleared more than 20,000 Social Security disability claims and 7,000 veterans’ disability claims in 12 years – a feat he couldn’t accomplish without the technology and processes he’s offering to other attorneys through Case Ghost®.

Case Ghost® has a proven track record of increasing case intake and helping firms improve the consistency of their cases. We even offer customized lead screening tailored to any type of law firm, from disability to personal injury to mass torts.

The average disability attorney using Case Ghost® is spending under $400 per lead from the second they call to the time the screened and processed case hits their attorney’s desk. The savings are tremendous, and it can reduce the need for training and managing intake staff – one of the most difficult departments to oversee in a law firm. Staff reduction may even be possible, even as leads increase.

Case Ghost® works closely with you to evaluate your needs and provide a legal case screening solution that is customized to your business. Ken LaVan even provides business consulting services to Case Ghost® clients that can help you get maximum returns while spending the minimum. We provide the services and advice necessary to transform your company into a well-oiled machine that runs as efficiently as possible. The only decision you need to handle is making that first call to Case Ghost® — let us handle the rest for you.

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